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Vietnam Veterans

Against the War



WATCHING THIS PACK of chicken hawks, war profiteers, and crackpot holy men run the country into the ground was bad enough. But when they started attacking soldiers who criticize this public war for private profit, man, we've seen THAT before.

And I thought: damn. Screw it. ENOUGH.

AND I GOT to thinking: I ain't the ONLY Viet vet who both wants this rotten bunch behind bars AND is not a "peace movement" type....not a pacifist, not a vegetarian, not a Democrat partisan, not in step with "progressives"......but dead set against this war & this vile bunch who hijacked a country. Our country.

AND THAT GOT ME to thinking of VVAW, back in The Day, and how we did such a great job of unmasking what a fraud that war, and its supporters/profiteers were.....and how VVAW exposed the horrors of the VA hospitals, and Agent Orange, and PTSD.....that thumb jammed in Nixon's eye?- that was us. We did good.

US YOUNG VETS, on our own, fueled by serious anger & disgust, in the face of the VA, the VFW, the White House, and the military. Us. .....which got me to thinking: maybe we can pull together a San Diego chapter of that honorable old outfit again, the only Veterans organization I'll ever join.

WHAT YOU ARE looking at is step one. A flare, a bugle, a rally point...... Its up to you, and me, & like minded brothers & sisters to take it somewhere.

Where you wanna go?

"Mutt", ncoic/comms, vvaw-sd.




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